Friday, April 6, 2018

Welcome To Zone Base

That's kind of a clunky post title, but I couldn't think of a better one. As another years anniversary of Zone Base being online is coming to a close, another one is beginning. Seeing as I need to renew the domain name registration this weekend, I figured it would be a good time to do a sort of introduction/re-introduction of the blog type post for good measure.

I actually started Zone Base for a while before I ever started posting, I intended to get right away on it but really just sat on the space for awhile after creating it. I think I wanted to fully think it out before I got started, not just rush head first into a project and ultimately let it fart away. I intended Zone Base to be a mixture of various ideas I had for various projects over the years. There was a one issue zine I was going to make around 2004 called Forgotten Wars that would focus on Machine Wars Transformers and if it ever got a follow up would focus on other off the radar Transformers like the Walmart Dinobots or the Beast Wars Mutants.

Of course nothing ever came of it other than a million outlines of the project. Closest I came was a one issue zine I made for the local Transformers fan group that I distributed at a local sci fi convention. Randomly enough, I've seen it pop up a few places online, so I guess someone liked it. A few years after I started planning Forgotten Wars, I had aims to start an outright fanzine publishing arm that I called Robo Hate. It would have had a regular issue zine called Robo Hate and specials like the books mentioned before. I even bought a web domain and made a basic site for it before it farted away. I think I planned for it to be a newsletter at one point. Years before when I helped out with a fan site I was working with them to develop a newsletter as well, before my enthusiasm for helping them kinda went away (there's always unnecessary drama revolving around these types). I like newsletters.

Also, before YouTube happened, I had aims of doing a Transformers and other related lines commercial web site. There had been one already up for sale that I was going to buy and spruce up. The owner of the site basically flaked out before the site went away, but not before I acquired the pretty large collection of commercial files he had. Ultimately YouTube came along shortly after and well that idea went nowhere.

So after years of half brain ideas and never getting anywhere, I made a space called Zone Base and let it sit for a while before I dedicated myself into actually making it. I started it off as a Transformers focused blog at first before easing into the other strangeness. Zone Base is pretty much a combination of all those old ideas. I wanted to feature character bios, which I do here. I wanted to have commercials, which I post here with commentary. Remember that newsletter I mentioned? So, you can subscribe via email to Zone Base (the option is at the bottom of the page). While I haven't done the outright Forgotten Wars (yet), several of the posts here are pretty much in that idea. An outright fanzine? Well, a fan blog is the same thing, but you can read it on your phone/tablet/computer. So basically, I made all those ideas into one fan blog and so far it's been super cool to do.

Zone Base is where I write about the things I'm into and my experiences with them. The subject matter is pretty obvious as it's what I'm into. I imagine you're into them too since you're reading. I'm really thankful for those of you who choose to read it and hope you all continue. Please spread the word and show your friends. Hopefully they'll like it too.
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