Thursday, April 26, 2018

I'm super sentai, thanks for asking

Lupinranger vs Pataranger

I've made it known before that I generally just watch Power Rangers and only take in various clips and general info on Super Sentai. Not for any particular reason, just there's only so many hours in the day. Not to mention, I'm a married man who works 60+ hours a week. So that time it takes to keep up with shows I can't just DVR doesn't always add up with real life. Though I admit, I'm really tempted to watch the current Super Sentai show Lupinranger vs Pataranger. It looks super cool. Not only do I like the Ranger suits and mecha, but I really dig the theme. You got a team of police, chasing a team of bandits, while both are battling a gang of monsters. The clips I've watched make the show look like a lot of fun and that's what I'm all about with my leisure time (what's with all these whiny nerds anyway, they know hobbies are voluntary right?).

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger

The prior Super Sentai series also looked super cool, but I assumed it was going to be the next Power Rangers adaption before Beast Morphers was announced. So while I'm stoked for Beast Morphers, I do plan to go back and take in some of Kyuranger since I've mainly just taken in clips and general info. Fortunately it's getting adapted into a Korean Power Rangers series called Galaxy Force. Which is going to get confusing as there was already Transformers Galaxy Force (Cybertron here, but still used the Galaxy Force name on some of the toys leading to confusion at times). Though the name is a good match as Uchu Sentai Kyuranger translates into Space Squadron Nine Ranger. So, yeah, Galaxy Force works. So, I'm hoping to catch some of it translated soon enough as I seem to have a much better time finding Korean series subbed than Japanese on video sites. Not to mention, with my local Super H-Mart, kinda wondering if I can luck up on any random swag. I've done it before.

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