Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Halloween Things

Yes I know it's a little early for Halloween Horrorcon to present itself here in Zone Base, but bear with me here. My beloved Universal Studios has announced they will have Stranger Things haunted mazes this year at Halloween Horror Nights. That's seriously awesome. Stranger Things is my current favorite show and after two seasons might join the ranks of my all time favorite shows. I've been on the band wagon of if USO ever was to remove the E.T Adventure, that re-themeing it to be a Stranger Things attraction would be awesome. I and others of my generation may love E.T, but it's obvious that others aren't as interested and as the other parks have removed their E.T rides, the clock in ticking on USO (literally the ride is there because Steven Spielberg wants it there) to pull the trigger one day.

As Stranger Things is steeped in a pseudo Steven Spielberg 80's movie setting full of horror references, I'd imagine the que in the woods and woods part of the ride would fit right on in. It's already kinda scary as it is, and some reworking of the government vehicles into Hawkins Laboratory vehicles wouldn't take too much. Hell, really riding those bikes through the woods and being confronted by the police and agents could almost translate directly into a Stranger Things theme. Just work in some new dialog and random bits and bobs. Perhaps even some voice clips of characters calling for Will and or Eleven. Man, some animatronic Demogorgon encounters in those woods would be great.

The scene where the bikes fly over the city would need to be reworked, which I imagine would be a good place to work in entering the research facility and that portal through space to the Green Planet would be the show stopper where you go inside the Upside Down with more Demogorgons and a showdown with the Mind Flayer before getting whisked away to safety of the real world again.

I can literally hear that great theme music playing in my head as I imagine it. The gift shop could be a mix of Stranger Things merchandise and assorted horror merch. I should stop before I get myself too excited.

Don't look at me like that.

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