Evac said I could ride with him any time

Wonder what his gas mileage is?

Ever since the idea hit me that there should be a a Studio Series Evac, I can't not think about how nice it would be. In all honesty, the regular Evac toy is a really nice figure (keep thinking a special stealth edition would be cool). I just can't help but to think a premium edition as a Studio Series would be great. They could realistically spruce up the original figure (if they wouldn't choose to make a new toy). Maybe some new accessories, like the gun he uses in the ride, the Allspark fragment, etc. Give the figure a more premium paint job. Maybe metallic, that'd be sharp. And his included diorama could be the N.E.S.T hangar or better yet, the Universal Studios gate or ride building. Maybe even give him his own number to drive people who like completing series nuts.


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