Thursday, March 1, 2018

Nano Cars!

Guessing the top Bumblebee will be from the movie

Jada, makers of my beloved Nano Metalfigs have some Transformers characters coming soon in their diecast car line. They did this before last summer, with a range of cars based on The Last Knight. At the time, I thought they were neat, but they got buried under the onslaught of movie merchandising. 

Bee my honeybee

This new batch is also including G1 cars, which has my attention, as well as I understand smaller cars closer to the Nano size. I'm totally down for Nano sized G1 cars. That would be really fun to collect, especially if they're at a normal Nano price ($1 each).

slick wheels man

Hoping this takes off as I can see myself going nuts for these.

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