Monday, March 5, 2018

Hope these show up at Walgreens

While initial looks at these two popped up online last year, pics of the actual toys started showing up this past weekend. I've voiced before my fondness for these cool Cyber Battalion figures and here I am again doing so. I don't just want, I need these newest additions. Those look AMAZING. I don't know how much longer Cyber Battalion has in it with the Authentics showing up (specially the larger figures coming).

I think I'm only lacking Megatron and Grimlock ((not counting these) and the larger Optimus and Bumblebee as far as owning all of these. I really hope they show up at Walgreens like prior figures did. These big chunky robots are wonderful toys and pretty nice looking at that.

Man, these two look sharp. Sideswipe just looks great with that classic deco of his, and Shockwave almost looks like a premium toy.

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