Thursday, March 1, 2018

Beast Morph!

munkey truck

My growing excitement for Beast Morphers is probably ridiculous. But it goes along with something of a theory I've been forming. Maybe more of an idea. A belief. A thought, perhaps. I've noticed with Cyberverse's smaller line, no previews of War for Cybertron, movies simmering down after Bumblebee, Hasbro's scaling back a little on Transformers. I figured this would happen eventually, sure a weirdo like me can't get enough, but the rest of the world was bound to cool on them eventually.

The Last Knight made a respectable amount of money, but not as much as expected. The signs are there and it's good that it isn't devastating and fortunately Transformers isn't going away, but obviously is slowing down a touch. Time will tell exactly how much, but the signs are there. With Hasbro acquiring the Power Rangers toy license and possibly the brand as a whole, I wonder if there's thought at a corporate level to branch out more. Get a little more experimental. Do something different. Different is good.

It's no secret that the news of Hasbro getting Power Rangers was a collective explosion of happiness online. I know the grass behind me is still on fire.

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