Monday, February 26, 2018

Volcano Robo

Giant robots need swords, it's a rule.

It took me a while to cool to Volcanicus's lava. Initially, I was turned off by the idea of a classic Dinobot team combiner (new guys, no problem). It's been one of those long running ideas based on nothing. It used to be pretty commonplace to hear someone talking about the G1 Dinbots combined form, which didn't exist. I remember a toy dealer once swearing to me that they did, I was wrong, and he's seen it and it was a giant shogun warrior! My answer was to show me how it combined, seeing as he had a set of 'complete' (folks forget Grimlock had a gun) Dinobots that he was swearing was a combiner. It wasn't the first or last time I've had a toy dealer cross his arms, turn around, and I think hold his breath (fyi, it's best to know this stuff for your own self before getting sold one of those Family Dollar sets for 500$. Trust me, I've seen it happen.)

I think that bit of commonly passed around misinformation is the source of my initial turn off, because when I see it, I like it. It just looks cool. And hey, like Combiner Wars, everyone is a combiner in Power of the Primes, so why not finally work that out?

It's a really cool looking combiner form. There's no denying that. It's also a very cool name. Volcanicus. I don't know why the prospect of lava makes things 100% better, but I'm fond of the floor.

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