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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

SEGA arcade card games

One thing I wish would take off here in the states is those neat trading card arcade games that I see often in Japan. It seems every attempt just kinda stalls. Which surprises me as trading cards and video games are always popular. Seeing as the toys to life craze is dying down (something I was too very into until burning out about a year before it started dying out itself) I can understand. But something like a card game seems pretty easy to sell. Specially in today's world of smart phone games, I figure just scan a code on the card and boom. Either way, man, I'd love it if it was a thing here. This Animated card game by SEGA had some really neat cards and while I don't know if the games were fun or not (I can see myself enjoying The Shooting, not sure if The Chase would be fun), I'd certainly enjoy myself participating in the activity.


  1. The blog is good enough I again n again read this.

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  3. All us old fogies, who remember time spent in arcades watching the neighborhood masters pummel evil incarnate up till level 9999 rejoice! You can once again relive the glories of the golden age of arcade games.