Thursday, February 1, 2018


Q-Transformers (QT for short...they're short...and cute...GET IT OMG) was a series that I quite enjoyed a lot when it was going on. While I certainly got quite a few of the tiny bots, I didn't get them all (sad face emoji) which is something that will haunt me to my grave and possibly beyond. They were a neat tie in to the 30th anniversary of Transformers in Japan. QT featured a mobile game which was an endless runner remake of the classic turd Mystery of Convoy for the Famicom with the characters in the style of the QT's (cuties OMG GIANT BLUSHING FACE EMOJI) as well as a web series to accompany the toys.

The toys were great, just simple chunky little Transformers that were lovable as crap. I had been a huge fan of the Botshots Transformers toys, which were pretty similar, so I naturally gravitated towards these. They were pretty inexpensive and easy enough to acquire. I keep hoping that one day we'll get another similar line, because things like this are really fun.

There I go being weird again, having fun and enjoying my hobby.

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