Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hey Force, I heard you Rescue

One of the more interesting teams in Transformers is the Rescue Force, a somewhat more obscure group that feature recolors of Lio Kaiser molds into new Autobot characters simply named after their vehicle mode. The four members can still combine, just not into a complete combiner robot. To me, personally, this is a perfect idea for some sort of box set. Reuse appropriate enough molds in the decos, give them more exciting names (there's literally a million good enough names already in the Hasbro registered book of names), and boom there's a cool batch of neato toys. Some cool fiction wouldn't hurt either.

I could see them as some sort of Autobot Sentai team that rapidly deploys in crazy situations. Say, for example, that there's a big Decepticon attack and somebody has to help evacuate the humans while Optimus deals with the situation. Welp, here comes the Rescue Force!

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