Friday, February 23, 2018

Hashtags of Cybertron

Voting via hashtag on Facebook and Instagram for the newest fan vote figure for next years War For Cybertron Trilogy has been interesting. Considering toys are reducing in size, it has me wondering if they'll mainly be Legends sized (which I'd love, but I'm sure would turn off others) as the fan vote is for two packs as deluxes are going up to $20 at some point. Not to mention a Legend vs pack would fit well I'd think. It's a war, each pack has part of the war included. Time will tell I suppose, but it'd be neat.

Anyway, here's the options and my take on them.

Impactor Vs. Mirage: Since it's pre-Earth, this would be an earlier version of Impactor which we'd learn how he became to be an Autobot. Honestly, and probably not a very popular opinion, I've never been that big on Impactor (I mean, he's ok) so I'd be more interested in the Mirage.

Needlenose Vs. Tracks: These two have been recently made into brothers on rival sides. Which really plays into the brother against brother nature of a civil war and makes for a good two pack. I'd also like new toys of the two, so this would be good for me. 

Wheeljack Vs. Spinister: This is the one I want most. I love Spinister and a pre-Earth version would be super neat. Not to mention Wheeljack. Love Wheeljack and assuming this would be based off his appearance in More than meets the Eye episode 1, I can not resist.

In reality Impactor is really popular within the fan base, so it'll probably be that set that get's released. Like I said, I'd like a pre-Earth Mirage and an new Impactor would be fine. Either way, interested to see what comes of this next Generations line, though I'm more interested in focusing on the current one. That's one nit pick I have about Transformers toy news, it's generally halfway through a current series that you get all this news of what's next, which can sometimes overshadow whats on shelves for another year. 

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