Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Defender of the Universe-al

This is in St Louis, isn't it great?

Here me out, I got another theme park idea. Yes it's for Universal Studios. Don't look at me like that.

Before I talked about the much rumored to go Shrek 4D (talking Orlando) would make a great spot for a Godzilla 4D attraction. Then last night it dawned on me. Dreamworks makes the current Voltron show. Which just happens to be the best damn robot show on TV. Hey... Comcast owns Dreamworks... and Universal... 

So, what if a Voltron 4D attraction was created in that building? Imagine it, the facade and que would be re-themed into the Castle of Lions. Perhaps even with a mighty Voltron statue on top of the sign (similar to the rad Transformers set up just a little down from this area, but I'll get to that in a second). The line could feature props from the control area and have a video briefing from Allura, Coran, and the Paladins. This bit could be funny as Coran is hilarious. Throw in some animatronic Space Mice and you got a cool que and pre show!

I imagine the plot could follow a Galra attack that would feature cool scenes of Zarkon and Hagar with accompanying smoke and light effects in the theater. We could be treated to funny dialog from the Paladins before all hell breaks loose and we get a show stopping Lion Force battle with the Galra Empire. An epic Voltron formation would add to the excitement with the visual effects from the theater combined with 3D video and moving seats. I can see lasers firing inside the theater. That would be amazing. It would all end with Zarkon attacking in his epic mech suit with a show stopping battle with Voltron defeating Zarkon and the Galra and a great feel good ending. 

Guest would then exit into a shop selling all sorts of cool Voltron merchandise. Maybe a cool Universal exclusive version of the Playmates Voltron sets. I could see plush toys of the Space Mice being a hit among even the most casual of guests. As they exit the theater, well heck, there's the Paladins in a meet and greet session. Maybe even Zarkon. 

Seeing as Transformers is just down a bit in the park, there could be a cool sci fi snack cart located in between the two robot attractions. Maybe selling things like neon colored drinks and glow sticks at night. 

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