Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cyberverse Squad Goals

Earlier today, pictures of the new Cyberverse toys began hitting various TF news sites and boy are my arms tired. Mainly from flapping in excitement like a penguin trying to do kung fu dancing. With reports last week of Power Of The Primes winding down this year and the brand as a whole kinda rebooting in a more simpler direction (mainline and movie instead of two mainlines and movie) with a more traditional look and feel starting more and more come into focus as Toy Fair nears, these pics had good timing. I had already gotten my Authentics earlier this week, and my theory of them replacing Legions may just be true.

There's now Scout class replacing Legends apparently working as a middle ground of Legends and Legions that should sell for around $8. They're around the same size as the Authentics (I paid $5.75 each), which makes for a good value for those who may assemble their casts from the smaller more budget friendly lines. Then there's Warrior class costing $16, which is taking the place of Deluxe class (keeping the name from RID). Which so far look pretty pleasant. The Ultra class, which is taking the Voyager spot though costing $20 instead of $25. Then we have the Ultimate Class, seemingly taking the place of the former Leader class though now costing a very welcome $30 as opposed to the current $45 Leaders sell for at my local stores. There's obviously some simplification going in to lesson the costs and keep the toys more kid friendly, which I don't mind (I'm aware that these are toys that I buy).

I see myself buying more of the smaller, cheaper toys with an occasional bigger toy (like that very Skyquake looking Starscream). This is a direction I've mostly been heading towards the last decade, with only some amazing larger toys throwing a wrench in the works. The Prime Wars trilogy has been impossible for me to ignore, so I've been going crazy getting as many as possible. I look at this line, the upcoming cartoon, and can see myself having a really good time.

This looks fun.  

I know my wallet will appreciate it. 

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