Friday, February 9, 2018

Clench (G2 Redux)

Out. Of. MY. WAY!

From the moment he came online, Clench was trouble. Created as a security bot, he completely trashed the Cyberfactory that gave him life a mere ten minutes earlier. Within days, he had gathered the disaffected and angry among the Earth-born Cybertronians and created the Decepticon Syndicate, crushing anything in his path. His sole motivation seems to be a seething core of universal hatred that fuels him more than any energon. He has no true designs for usurping Galvatron or Zarak, but figures, someday, they're going to get in his way...

Even before the Forestonite experiment, Clench was a terrifying monster in battle. Now his nearly impenetrable armor and Colossus Cannons are augmented with the ability to create localized gravity wells up to ten times Earth's pull, leaving his targets utterly helpless before his wrath.

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