Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I've said it before and I'll say it again. McDonald's Beast Wars is one of my favorite things in Transformers. I still remember being a doofy high school kid who didn't fit in (if not for trying) working my doofy high school job at McDonald's. I'd often find myself in in the employee only areas that would often have random employee posters on the walls. Things to educate you about the product. Random little official McDonald's songs and dances meant to be fun that I don't think anyone did (except that Arch Deluxe dance contest to win $100 dollars that the manager magically won). There was usually a poster for the next coming Happy Meal toys, so you'd be in the know by the time they arrived in store.

The manager was a real butt (as noted above) and wouldn't let any of us keep store materials (I'd understand if they were being shipped back, but he threw them away and then locked the dumpster). The poster for the upcoming Beast Wars Happy Meal toys was like a siren song. Man, I wanted these, and I doubt it's a surprise that several toys came home with me each night.

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