Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Korean Microman sneakers

While I'm normally happy with a good pair of Nike's, my recent journey down the rabbit hole of Korean licensed sneakers (this is Zone Base, remember) has rewarded me with all sorts of goodies. This Microman sneaker commercial is freaking sweet! It's the late 90's incarnation of Microman, which I wish I had gotten more into when it was cheaper, and I'll put this bluntly. WHO IS THAT TANK? At first I thought it was a reuse of the G2 Megatron mold that I was unaware of but upon better inspection... it's a different toy. I'm not even remotely in the know about that guy and looking at various Microman pages has still left me in the dark (admittedly I was excited and might have skimmed over his entry). Though I recognize the mold, I've seen it knocked off in a million places.

Whoah, Korean sneaker commercials are awesome. 

Consider this a fair warning that there's going to be a good bit of Korean sneaker commercials posted tonight. I'm skimming through them as I work. It's great!

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