Just can't get them out of my (drive) head

My infatuation with Driveheads continues to grow as the wait for the toy's I ordered continues. Free shipping from Japan is code for 'about a month' and January is a magical month where time slows to a halt. Something I really appreciate after the hustle and rushed nature of the holiday season, but when you're waiting on something... good grief. The toys themselves are pricey enough (though, I've found them for reasonable prices in the most obvious of places) to keep me from going on a buying spree and snapping them all up as fast as possible. Fortunately the usual array of smaller/cheaper convenience store toys are available and might just prove to be the stop gap I need in between importing and waiting forever.

I've always been a fan of these type toys, so they're something I naturally gravitate towards anyway. Long before everyone was hip to the Kabaya model kits, I was steadily snapping them up (they sure were cheaper back then too *shrug*) as well as the random figurines produced of various characters. There's just something special about a good pvc or mini figure.


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