Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I've got to make a run to Walmart

Welp, looks like Walmart has a sale on specifically Autobots for $7.38 each. I'd like to make a joke about prices, but I'm incapable of forming anything particularly clever. Adjusted for inflation, that's 17.59 in current dollars. Which is more expensive than a current deluxe at Walmart (mine at least), but those reissues were around $30-40 normally (except Hot Rod, who was around $20 for some magic reason) a little over a decade ago. You know what else? I was alive back then and $5 was still just $5. In short, inflation is pretty crappy and doesn't always make sense without a long explanation that's usually still kinda fuzzy on details.


Looks like Walmart had them on sale, let's, uh, go to Walmart.

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