Friday, January 26, 2018

It's been years and I'm still waiting on more

Not everything works out as you'd expect. When Powercore Combiners hit I was ecstatic. This was going to be huge I thought. I was pumped, I thought it was great. I still remember sitting in a  Captain D's when the leaked images first started popping up. We had already had various rumors and scuttlebut, but suddenly here was leaked images of this actual new line. I was spending the day with my Mom and we decided to have something to eat, and while I was checking my Blackberry (it was a lot longer ago than it seems) there it was. I was pumped! I was excited! This, this was amazing! This was going to be huge!

Basically you take a basic sized figure and give it a Mini-Con that serves as a weapon or can form armor. Then, you have similarly themed drones that auto transform when connected to that basic sized figure to make a large combiner. I thought it was great! I loved the drones. I hoped for blind bagged crazy color variations! Man, just wait until Takara gets a hold of these, there's going to be a crazy story and so many more. This, this is perfect.

When they started hitting stores I snatched up all I could. I loved these things, they were great. Unfortunately I was the only one who thought so, but luckily that meant I got plenty of them for cheap on clearance.

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