Thursday, January 18, 2018

I'm still snowed in so I watched Godzilla

I watched the new awesome Godzilla anime on Netflix last night and boy are my arms tired. This was a great film. I really like the visual presentation, the overall darkness. A giant monster destroying your planet is going to be dark and grim. It has a similar vibe to Attack on Titan, the entire hopeless world ending all around you and trying to stand up to impossible odds. You can't fight a storm, you can just take cover and try to stay alive. You can try to fight and kill a monster that's destroying everything. And that's really well sold in this, 'we've got to stop this'. All while dealing with various issues like governing entities and emotions.

There's great science fiction to it too. Aliens, cool weapons, mech suits, space ships. I almost felt like I was watching one of those Diaclone commercials watching the military forces pull into action and mobilize. I would love a video game set in this world.

Godzilla isn't some cute monster dancing around, he's a big dark destroyer that's taking over and there's nothing you can do about it. Adding to everything is a background mystery with an overall sinister vibe. You feel like there is more going on more and more while watching and I'm sure that's going to be more prevalent as the series continues. Not to mention little hints (some more obvious than others) of things to come.

I'm very happy with this presentation of Godzilla, much more than the last two films (that I did enjoy, but not as much as this). I really hope the series continues this level of greatness going forward or even builds on it. If you like kaiju, anime, science fiction, or even just a good story, I recommend it.

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