Monday, January 29, 2018

I got the Blaze Megazord this weekend

I was ecstatic to finally get my hands on this guy this weekend. I've been wanting it for quite some time and literally jumped directly into the air upon seeing it. I even took it over some Power Of The Primes voyagers I also wanted. My wife and I give ourselves a weekly spending allowance to keep ourselves in check. She was a little aghast when she saw me pick it over the Grimlock I had been toting. Not that I didn't want the Grimlock, just man you have no clue how much I wanted this insane thing (I'll get Grimlock, I promise). Right now I'm at an odd place where there is literally a ton of stuff I want on the shelves at the same time (Power of The Primes, Voltron 84, Power Rangers Legacy Zords) that I'm making some decisions each week that I have to live with until I slowly accumulate everything I want. Fortunately it's the first quarter where everything is slow to get restocked.

Back to the Blaze Megazord, it's awesome. You got six super neat Zords that form into the Megazord using the Zord builder combination system, meaning it's possible to use other Zord parts to create even more interesting Megazords. It has a unique missile launcher, the missiles are the individual Rangers that launch from their cockpits to attack bad guys. It's a weird, non-nonsensical attack in a show that doesn't bother to make sense. 

It's so stinking rad.

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