Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Diaclone Blitzwing

One thing from the past I miss was when Takara would do some sort of reissue of a G1 toy, E-Hobby would release the toy in a special edition. Usually in the Diaclone colors of the toy mold and as a new character. This was super cool and really neat in most cases. Getting an original Diaclone toy can be expensive, so having the option for a reissue was a great alternative for someone who just wanted to have one. Not to mention having it folded into the greater TF mythos was a great plus. The Blitzwing edition was particularly cool as it was intended to represent a new line of military robots produced by the Quintessons with a funny name, 'Overcharge'. Obviously a joke for fans to laugh at, the name in fiction is meant to be a nickname used to refer to the bots. The soldiers are Drones called the Terrorbots, sold for high dollar and use exceptionally high amounts of energy.

Get it?

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