Sunday, December 17, 2017

Star Wars The Last Jedi

After what felt like an eternity after our purchasing the tickets in October, I saw the newest Star Wars movie last night. I went in completely excited and left completely happy. I won't go into anything that could be considered spoiler related but do plan to give my thoughts here. Star Wars transcends movies to me, it is something that I love and is very dear to me. It's the exact starting point for all of my interests and has always been something of a friend to me my entire life. I think of it as a family member and hold it in a special place.

The Last Jedi is a excellent movie that follows the warning that Luke gives in the trailer in that this is not going to be what you think. TLJ doesn't bow to fan speculation and outright dares to be what it intended to be. Something that I believe is the source of anger some feel towards the movie. I've noticed this time and time again and notice it again. When fans swear one thing and it end up being something else, they more than often don't handle it well. Myself, I was pleased. Not everything has to be more than it is. Sometimes a character can be who they are without the relation of another to lean on.

TLJ is a story about loss and redemption. It's a story about making mistakes and learning from them. It's a more story based movie that leans on characters learning their place in things. The story carries the characters into their respective individual arcs that's full of twists and as the trailer told us from the beginning, doesn't go as you think it will. That's the hook of the movie and where it's beauty resides.

Visually the movie is striking, with stark colors and mixing the themes of ugliness underneath/hidden beauty. It delivers a mix of warmth and love with dark cold violence. If I have any complaints is that a few bits of cgi looked like they could have been done better. Nothing major, to me anyway. Because once again, as the story tells us, it's what's below the surface that counts.

In all, I love the movie and am 5 million percent happy with what I saw. I love Star Wars and my happiness with a new movie each year cannot be beaten. Thank you Disney for giving me this world where I get this magical experience once a year.

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