Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Giving the Islands a new Adventure

It's another Rob imagines Universal Studios stuff post

As my readers know, I love me some Universal Studios Orlando. I'm regularly dreaming up fantasy situations for the park and while I've been having a ball doing it, I feel quite bad that I've ignored Islands of Adventure, the other park on the resort that's really awesome in it's own right. Islands has the awesome Hogsmeade from Harry Potter, a great Jurassic Park area, and that extremely rad new Skull Island. While I certainly love the other areas, the subject of how to reinvigorate them comes up often in various circle and I've put my noggin to use figuring out how to work with some of the other Islands. But, keeping with my sense of economy, I tried to figure out how to do it without sacrificing too much of the great stuff that's already there.

Just picture it

Everyone speculates that the Lost Continent is on the chopping block. Personally, I think the area (what's left of it post Harry Potter) is a really pretty landscape that just could use some sprucing up. With the new Super Nintendo Land coming to Universal Studios, it would be a good use of that license to adapt The Legend of Zelda to the land. Some costume changes here, some decoration changes there. Maybe something extra over there, and it pretty much does itself. Poseidon's Fury could get retrofitted with a new show inside with some of the facade redone to sell the show as a temple or dungeon experience. Mythos just could use a few touches. People complain about the Sinbad show, welp, let's do a new Zelda show in the theater. I honestly think just a little fine tuning, a little re-theming, and a little new bits and bobs and this area could be given a new life that would probably be a hit.

They've already got park history

Folks regularly say Toon Lagoon is also on the chopping block. While I dig the Newspaper comic pages characters, I could see where it could be lost on another person. How about Nickelodeon characters? The water rides could be re-themed to Sponge Bob (he already has a store at Studios!) and I could easily see the stores be re-fronted as newer Nickelodeon characters. Maybe work that boat ride into a multi character ride.

This would be awesome
I think Marvel Island is completely awesome. I'm a big fan of the overall 90's comic vibe and think the Spider-Man ride is amazing. That being said, Disney own's Marvel and it's created a weird situation that many wonder will eventually result in Marvel Island getting removed sooner or later. Going with that trail of thought and working with the fact that Marvel Island already kinda bleeds into Toon Lagoon, what if it became a TMNT/Power Rangers section? TMNT is already owned by Nickolodeon and Power Rangers has been airing on the channel for about 7 years now. That great city facade would lend itself into both quite well. I could see Spider-Man's ride system redone as a new TMNT ride. The Hulk repainted into a Power Rangers coaster (the roar could be the Dragonzord). Doctor Doom and Storm Force is a free fall and tea cups ride respectively that also could be realistically re-themed to the characters.

I know I'm just shooting from the hip as an arm chair quarterback. I have no real knowledge of how these things work past a fans general knowledge. But I see opportunities and things I'd think would be really fun. Not to mention, I kinda really like that park.

Don't look at me like that.

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