Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Street Fighter Transformers!

Planet Iacon  recently posted magazine scans of some upcoming Street Fighter Transformers crossovers figures. These look absolutely nuts! I want... no, no. I am a grown man with wants and needs. And I NEED these.

Oh man, OH MAN!


Better pictures without the scanners watermark are online now and man oh man.

I really, really appreciate the level of detail in the paint here. Ryu is my go to guy in Street Fighter (or Akuma) and he looks awesome in that Titans Return Optimus Prime/Octane mold. The very clever paint job is just amazing. Not to mention M. Bison from Titans Return Megatron/Blitzwing is really clever. I don't think I ever would have thought of that. Chun Li from Generations Arcee really works, though I wish she got an extra cool Titanmaster like the others. Though you cannot ignore how well it works. Ken from Titans Return Hot Rod is really smart. The paint maps to the mold really well, but most cleverly is the use of Hot Rod's chevron into Ken's distinct eyebrows is really smart. I want these so bad, but the price is a little steep. The Ken/Chun Li set is 8000 yen, which is around 70$ US, and Ryu/Bison is 12000 yen, which is around 100$ US (give or take). So that's a really steep price to pay, but man these are wonderful. Maybe I'll win the lottery by then.

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