Saturday, November 11, 2017

Shell Shock

I got this picture off Google images, apparently someone got this picture from Wowslider. 

I'm not doing a very good job at hiding my excitement for Primemasters. I've been wanting a Pretenders update for a very long time. I had gotten used to homage toys that basically used the shells as the robot mode without any actual shell. Fun Publications did a few Pretenders that I thought were awesome, but whoa nelly not for their asking price. I mean whoa the crap nelly. As Primemasters are basically mini figures using the shells, it's a good way to homage them and really, I like small toys.

Not to mention, I'll never own a Metalhawk. Sure, I have a pvc of him from that one particular wave of SCF, but never the real toy. There were a few updates, a BotCon I had to miss, a box set that sold out before I could commit (and was under the understanding that it would be more widespread... thanks TF news sites!). But never to actually get a Metalhawk. There was a cool Bootleg I saw of him that was floating around back in the day. Yep, never was able to track one down for myself.

But there's a Primemaster Metalhawk a coming, one for $5 that will be easy to get. Well, that's a gosh darn win in my book.

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