Thursday, October 12, 2017

Transformers Universe-al?

Now that's a wing thing!

During Generation One, a Transformers sub line called the Vintage Horror Movie Series was conceived. Presumably that was near the end of the line around the same time the Rock Bots were also being thought of as a serious thing for Transformers. In theory it's pretty sound, Real Ghostbusters was making crazy money and Transformers were on the downturn.

Large mouth kick ass.

The line never made it past the drawing board. Literally, no prototypes or mock ups of the toys have ever surfaced (yet, anyway) and all that exists still is some of the concept art printed in the Transformers Generations book. While one can wonder if the monsters would have been worked into existing Transformer fiction, it's not hard to imagine Hasbro turning Transformers into a label and just feature transforming toys for some of these concepts (like an early version of Animorphs or Crossovers). As a horror and classic monster fan, I would have loved these and have always been a little sad that they never happened.

What's bugging you?


  1. We get at least one of those universal horror monsters in the form of Beast Wars's Tarantulas.

  2. You might want to keep an eye or eight out for Spooky Spotlight ;)


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