Monday, October 30, 2017

Strangers Bots

Watching the new season of Stranger Things this past weekend reminded me of a story in the UK Transformers comics. In the UK comics, time travel would place a Transformer from the current timeline in a limbo dimension while the time traveler would occupy that bots place in the time stream. If this was not followed for whatever reason, it would result in cataclysm. Thanks to Galvatron's constant hijinks in time travel, Skids got stuck in limbo for a few years.

During that time, Skids fell prey to parasites that lived in the dimension. The parasites fed off emotions and soon Skids fell completely under their influence. He imagined them into monsters that terrorized him relentlessly. Which resulted into them becoming reality upon Skids being returned to the real world.

Skids ran from the monsters as they tormented him. His attempts to stop them included trying to trap them in a nuclear power plant (and blow it up) and suicide (they had convinced him he had to die to kill them). Fortunately Springer, Carnivac, and the rest of the Suvivors helped Skids defeat the monsters.

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