Thursday, September 14, 2017

I'm already sold

You know, I was going to buy the comic any way, but now that I know Optimus is actually RAM BOT, well I can't say no. I mean, ever try saying no to RAM BOT? He'll ram you. Ever get rammed by a giant robot? Me either and I don't want to ever tell you that I have.

This one actually perplexes me a bit. Is this Matchbox telling WEP that people want the lion Voltron and not the vehicle or gladiator? I mean, numbers don't lie and you've got which Voltron is the most popular... but they were selling the other Voltrons as well.

As cool as Headmasters were, nothing sold the concept to me more than a robot violently ripping it's own head off. I wonder if there was that a space Ichabod Crane? 

Ever have that time where you see an ad and for some strange cosmic reason, that just happened to be on the random time frame that your parents bought Shasta only for  a while?

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