Friday, September 8, 2017

I wish I could Hascon

I can't wait to own a million tiny Pretenders.

While I couldn't make it to Hascon, I've been certainly enjoying the coverage (pic from TFW2005) so far and am looking forward to getting my Titanmaster Arcee soon (thanks Kilby!). It's nice living in times where even if you can't go to an event, you can still enjoy the sights and news in real time (assuming the 4G signal is good) and talk about everything with others either not there or maybe are there and taking a minute to check their phone.

I'm hoping to hear some sort of official announcement of the new fan club (I'm so much more into fan clubs than shows) and more about the upcoming cartoon. Oh, and I suppose even more new toys would be great. Really would like to see more Power Of the Primes stuff and more on those new simple transform evergreen figures (gee, think I said something like this would be good before). I hope to get more info on store exclusives. I like store exclusives. Feels like an old BotCon that I didn't have to drive out of state for.

I'm finding myself literally chomping at the bit for Primemasters. They look so wonderful. I can't contain my excitement for them. I already love Titanmasters so very much. I was so worried that whatever replaced them wouldn't be as awesome until I saw they were actually more awesome. I'm going to be ridiculous over Primemasters. I already am. But when I actually get them in hand... I just might explode.

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