Building Metal Defender Voltron

One down, four to go.

This past winter I built the Legendary Voltron, a 16" giant Voltron figure. I had used some gift cards from Christmas to buy the 4 limb lions and my pre order for the black lion had fell through (I've developed a grudge towards toy pre orders since) Fortunately my wife picked me one up as a get well soon gift when I came down with the flu around late January. It's a impressive figure that I'm quite proud of owning as a lifelong Voltron fan and a fan of the current Netflix show.

After completing the giant figure, I began wishing for a smaller figure of the current version of Voltron. There's action figure of him on the shelves that I hadn't picked up as I wanted a combining set. Soon as I learned of the Metal Defender series, I was stoked. A smaller Voltron with die cast lions, sign me up!

So far the Metal Defender series is available in a gift set and as individual lions. I started building my Metal Defender Voltron this past weekend by beginning with the black lion (since he was a challenge to get last time). I've decided to do it individually as the gift set is may be available, but also a big hunk of change to spend at once. 15$ a week for the lions is a little easier and really won't take long to finish collecting.

I'm really looking forward to completing my new Metal Defender Voltron. Playing with my new smaller black lion has been a treat and that added heft of die cast is extremely pleasant. I really recommend the new set to any fan of Voltron or robot toys in general. Once you get one in hand, you'll see why.


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