Monday, July 10, 2017

Woo hoo new Micronauts!

Earlier today, the internet (or at least my corners of it) was all abuzz regarding this cool SDCC 2017 Revolutionaries crossover set. It's super cool and I personally wouldn't mind having it. Though what's really captured my imagination about it is the Micronauts included. I've been anticipating any news regarding the new Hasbro Micronauts for what feels like forever and aside from bits and bobs here and there, I haven't really gotten much. There was the SDCC set last year that was essentially reissues of older toys. I've know of the upcoming cartoon in development for a bit now, but all I know is that it's in development. I really should check out the IDW comics, and I probably should do that sooner than later.

They're to scale with the other toys.

So, seeing as these are the only real new mold toys in the set, it leads me to believe that they are part of the eventual new toy line to coincide with the new cartoon. My mind is kinda blown ad they seem to be Micro Machine type figures on par with the figures that come with Micro Machine Star Wars toys. Micro Machines are my favorite way to buy Star Wars toys and I've amassed quite a ton of them since the 90's.

I want these in a million colors.

While I had been assuming whatever would come from the new Micronauts toy line would be similar to the originals, I don't mind being wrong if this is the case. This would be perfect, especially as they fit right on in with Micro Machines toys as is. Seeing how kids often mixed Micronauts in with their Kenner Star Wars toys back in the day, I could totally see kids mixing these new Micronauts in with their Micro Machine Star Wars toys. And when I say kids, I mean man children. When I say man children, I mean me.

I want blind bags and j-card sets.

*edit* Adding to my theory, on the inside of the box set cover there's a description of each comic. Though oddly enough, there is a logo for Microspace (where they're from) instead of Micronauts. A Micro Machine type toy line named Microspace sounds perfect.

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