Monday, July 24, 2017

Authentically Awesome

I woke up this morning to a bunch of Transformers unconfirmed leaks all over fan sites,  fan groups, and social media today. Out of all of them, two things have my interest. A preview of Primemasters and a look at a new discount line called Transformers Authentics. Early this year, I had expressed that I'd love One Step Turbo Changers based on G1 characters. While these look to have a few more steps, I'm not complaining. I'd love to have these and more like them. I really hope these are true, because I'd love to pick them up.

The supposed Primemasters are just exactly what I want. I was already excited about Primemasters from the SDCC news, but seeing these pics gives me even more hope. Earlier this past weekend, I was driving to see my mother, which is a two hour drive. During that drive I dreamt up several awesome Primemasters. Things like those unproduced Spider and Ape (who kinda got life as Fun Publications versions of Oilmaster and Pretender Optimus Prime) or various other Pretender characters. There's no confirmation that any of these leaks are true, but some of the images would lead to believing some truth in them. I really hope so, because Primemasters are just too much greatest ever.

I've got not much to say about these other than I'm going to be reduced to a happy crying mess over Optimus Primal.

*Edit* Hasbro has sent out C&D notifications to several fan sites requesting the removal of the images. While I never got one, out of respect, I went ahead and removed the images I had used in this post.


  1. So far the "Power of the Primes" are looking like toys Pete Sinclair and "FunPub" would design.

  2. Seeing as those were meant to appeal to fans, that's not a bad comparison!


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