Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tiny Turbo Changers!

They're out and tons of fun! If you're wondering how to decipher who's who in the surprise baggie, there's a easy way to figure it out. On the back of the baggie in the left corner is a little window you can peek inside of as well as a tiny imprinted letter or number that's actually a code! Thanks to Robert Hardin in his Talk Transformers post, we've been able to decipher the code!

A - Grimlock gold
B - Grimlock black
C - Lockdown
D - Hound
E - Bee yellow
F - Crosshairs
G - Blackout
H - Soundwave
J - Starscream
K - Sideswipe
L - Bee black
!, I, or 1 (it's a little unclear on the bag) -  Optimus Prime

I've put the code on the side bar of the page for the time being to help out fans looking to collect all these great toys. If you have a problem reading the code, you can try the method my wife and I did before finding out about the code. Feel the baggie, the bots are in their alt mode inside. Look in the window, and after you've identified which alt mode you have (silver car, green truck for example) you can easily move the toy around in the bag to line it's face to the little window. Going by the pictures of the toys on the shelf packaging, it's pretty easy to figure out who you got in that little baggie!

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