Friday, January 27, 2017

I don't dread the Dreads.

Who you calling an ugly mofo?

I have a theory about the Transformers live action movies. It's that the odd numbered ones are the better ones. Seeing as part 5 is coming out this summer, I'll get to put that theory to test again. As news has began leaking it looks like a revisit from one of my favorite parts of Dark of the Moon just might be showing back up in The Lost Knight.

My love for you is like a truck...

Toy leaks have shown a new toy named Berserker, whom looks an awful lot like Crankcase from DOTM. Crankcase was part of a Deception team called the Dreads and I was quite fond of them. In DOTM, they featured in a great action sequence including a great chase and fight scene. Generic bad guys based on them were all over DOTM tie in video games. Personally, I was a big fan of the iPad DOTM game where all the generics were different colored Dreads.

They were just this awesome team of beastly Decepticons who specialized in hunting down enemies. DOTM is 5 years old and it playing somewhere on cable everyday, so I'll risk the spoilers. They all die in the movie, or at least the ones we saw did. Perhaps Berserker is another member of the team who wasn't on that mission or possibly a newer member who wasn't around for that mission. Or maybe he just happens to look an awful lot like the Dreads.

It's possible that this is just a toy meant to homage the older Dreads characters and possibly won't even be in the movie. Who knows just yet? But seeing the pictures of him online gives me hope for some more Dreads in the future. I'd dig that.

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