Sunday, January 22, 2017

Combiner Force Combiners?

Of all the places for something to turn up.

Recently art for new combiner teams for Transformers Robots In Disguise popped up. On a bus, but still, there it is. Recently I've gotten the Crash Combiners from the new Combiner Force expression and I'm loving them. They're simple, but all toy. So seeing news of possible traditional combiners in Combiner Force, it's got me wondering.

As the art shows, the teams have 4 members. So, they're not traditional. It looks like the team would have a body bot, two arm bots, and one leg bot? Other art floating around of the Bumblebee combiner shows Grimlock as the legs. So, obviously he splits to make a pair of legs. So it's easy to deduce that the leg bots would be a bit bigger than the others.

I wonder if the teams would be Crash Combiners style toys. The existing Crash Combiners are really basic robots with three modes. A vehicle, a robot, and a combiner form. A team could be released in a box set and if they're Crash Combiners, they could be reasonably cheap. Though, I do feel like Crash Combiners should be less expensive. As is, a two pack costs about $15 at Walmart. So a box set could be pretty pricey for the simple toys inside.

I keep saying I'd love to see individual Crash Combiners released blind box style, and I would. In crazy colors and crazy characters. However, a combiner team in blind box packaging would also be something neat. Each series could be a different team. Maybe even an alternate colors version.

Crap, I'd love that.

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