Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Universal Studios Generations Bumblebee

Our little yellow buddy

Recently, I went to Universal Studios with my wife for vacation over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was my first time going and I always wanted to go, so I went nuts. Obviously the Transformers ride was a priority and surprisingly it was not only mine, but my wife's favorite ride at the resort.

Of course being a theme park, each ride emptied out into a store that coincides with the ride. So go figure the Transformers ride had a fun shop attached. The shop featured tons of merchandise for the ride as well as the latest Transformers merchandise. Three exclusive items were US releases of the Cyber series toys sold in China and Brazil.

I had been wanting to get my hands on these figures, but had been waiting for a good opportunity to do so. Out of the series, the Universal Studios figures are Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Starscream. I've already got the exclusive Evac figure thanks to a friend's earlier trip to the park, but I did snatch up some other exclusives. I figure these three would make for good posts here on Zone Base, while I'll probably talk about the others on the next episode of Being Awesome.

Bumblebee is a large, but simple figure. He's very similar in construction and transformation to a legion/legend class toy. This isn't a bad thing as I'm a big fan of that size class. He's a very satisfying toy to hold in your hand. Very big and chunky with a good heft to him. Despite resembling his more recent sports car incarnations, this is still classic Bumblebee all the way.

Bumblebee's car mode looks a bit like his current animated incarnation, which is a really sharp looking car. This is probably a safe bet as the more casual people just getting off the ride would probably be more familiar with the current day versions of Bumblebee.

That little Universal Studios sticker on the box helps make this toy more special than it is. It's a memento of an experience moreso than just a figure. The trip was probably one of my favorites in life, so having some toys to commemorate it is just perfect.

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