Monday, November 7, 2016

Titans Return Brainstorm

Terrible? Walgreens is a great store.

After much searching, I finally managed to find the Walgreens exclusive Titans Return Brainstorm. Several of my friends have up and ordered him off the Walgreens website, which I contemplated, but really didn't want to do. I'm not so fond of ordering toys I should be able to find at a stores local location. Fortunately he popped up at the store I go to regularly.

In fact, it was the Walgreens near my work that I regularly visit. Friday night, I decided to take a little break and make a run for a Mtn Dew and some gummi worms and there he was, freshly stocked.

It wasn't really this poorly lit in my living room.

I don't fancy myself a reviewer, but ever so often I feel compelled to talk about a toy here. I guess Zone Base is technically a blog, so I guess I'm occasionally a toy poster. Is that a term?

Would standing on your own shoulder be surreal?

Brainstorm is based of Blurr's base mold with some new parts. Blurr was a toy I really liked from the first wave of Titans Return deluxes, so I have no complaints going in. Brainstorm builds on that base and delivers a much better looking toy. In fact, I almost feel as though I'm holding a more premium priced toy with him. The colors are just that good.

He can use his nosecone as a big impractical gun.
Or store it on his back.

Brainstorm turns into some kind of spaceship. When I was a kid, I'd call it a space jet. So I guess he turns into a space jet. He transforms easily and quickly, which I like. I don't like taking too long transforming a Transformer. I know some people do, but sometimes the occasional one feels like a new incarnation of the lament configuration and I just want to turn my robot into a space jet without calling the cenobites into my apartment.

It kind of looks like a fish.

It's kinda amazing that so much of Blurr is still visible in this toy, yet doesn't make me think it's just Blurr with a new t shirt. It's hard to fathom the in advance engineering it takes to plan these toys out. It's also super impressive. Brainstorm stands out from the molds previous use and shines on his own. Titans Return is such an awesome toyline, it's really hard for me to put into words just how much I enjoy each release. Which is stupid as this is an 'in words medium' that I'm trying to express it in.

Uh, it really good.

Just going to take a drive in my space jet


  1. It IS really good. I don't understand the haters with this one.

  2. He is totally awesome and my favorite delux toy from Titans return

  3. Oh wow." The lament configuration" I love that. I refer to those occasional over complicated ones as "plastic migraines" (ROTF Optimus and Toyworld evila star, I'm talking to you guys in particular)


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