Saturday, October 8, 2016

When two become one.

He's going everywhere with me.

Holy crap Combiner Force. I mean, seriously guys, holy crap.

Let me explain myself, I like Combiner Force. A few months ago when the trademark became known, speculation began leading to much shrugging from me. I mean, it was just a name. Part of me assumed it was going on newer uses of Combiner Wars molds, the other part was just fine with seeing what would come to be.

Courtesy of BWTF

Then it happened, NYCC was starting up and news from it began to seep out on social media. I was at work and was taking a break and saw something wonderful. I saw what Combiner Force was.

Know that Amazon commercial where Gary Busey yells at his TV? I totally did that at my phablet.

Courtesy of BWTF

Basically, while some toys just interact with Mini-Cons in the way they have before, there's a new group of figures. I forget what they are exactly called in the two packs they're being released in. However I just can't get over the gimmick. Similar to Energon and Landcross, two Transformers can combine in several different ways. Unlike Energon and Landcross, a top is only a top. A bottom is only a bottom. And I'm only so mature, so pardon me while my inner 12 year old giggles after saying that.


Courtesy of BWTF

These little guys are pretty basic in design, making for a simple toy one can fiddle with mindlessly while watching TV. Which is what I'm going to do. Thanks to being part of the Robots in Disguise line, the figures have the cool RID visual style, which make these simple figures look a million times better. In fact they look like they could have been late Japanese G1 or Brave figures.

Courtesy of BWTF

Like all RID figures, they interact with the RID mobile game and can be scanned right on in. I wish I played that game more. It's pretty fun. The Combiner Force theme will play heavily into season 3 of RID which according to reports from NYCC will also feature a Deception combiner. That's pretty exciting, I love the RID cartoon. It's a super fun show that keeps getting better as it progresses.

Courtesy of BWTF

Just like I talked about in my PMOP post, these toys are getting that specific fan excitement in me really going. Just like my beloved Titans Return toys, I'm literally chomping at the bit to get these bots. It's a much played out and overused term, but it really is a good time to be a Transformers fan.

Or at least for me.

Many thanks go out to my super awesome friend Ben Yee for allowing me to use his pics from NYCC. If you're reading this, you probably already know about his site, and you should because it's literally one of the tent poles of the fandom and I'd highly suggest you follow his Facebook page. It's freaking great.

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  1. This was a super fun read Rob! You got me excited about these toys even though at first look I wasn't excited much... Another fun article Im really digging reading your zonebase articles every week.

    Till all are one!
    Jesse Braddock


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