Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The new big show.

Earlier today I was having trouble getting to sleep, which worked out as Brian Kilby texted me to check the RFC mail list. We had gotten the press release for the new official convention (replacing BotCon) known as HasCon.

I was kinda blown away.

So this fall, HasCon will host events not only for Transformers, but also My Little Pony and other Hasbro brands. That's kinda a deal maker as whenever I go to these shows, my wife is pretty bored. But here, she'd be able to enjoy the MLP stuff. Making for a better time for the both of us and not just me.

Also in the email was news of the upcoming new Fan Club to replace the ending one ran by Fun Publications. I'm a sucker for a fan club and even more for an official fan club. I can't help but to wonder how it would operate and how things would go. I generally liked the former club magazine and hope we get some sort of newsletter. Hopefully the new club would have some sort of membership exclusives.

Speaking of exclusives, I wonder how the at show exclusives would be? Would they be some super niche thing aimed at fans? Or would it be special editions of current figures? Personally, there has been some pretty neat special editions of current toys, so I'd be for that.

I'm super interested in what's to come of this new show. It feels weird to have watched 2 incarnations of official Transformers conventions open and close. This new show is almost like a comic con based on Hasbro characters. Considering all the properties they own, I'm not against that.


  1. I'm hoping this will be something my husband and I can do too. The cost will be what holds us back. We're both Transformers fans and I'm an MLP nut...and there are other things we'd be interested in. I hope they come out with pricing soon so we know how to plan. :D

  2. I definitely relate, I was eventually out priced of going to BotCon. Hopefully this will be affordable.


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