Monday, September 26, 2016

Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime

Prime, you gotta get your head on straight.

As I've talked about before, my absolute favorite Transformers toy is the wonderful Powermaster Optimus Prime. Love it. So, last fall when the Titans Return version was announced, you know I was salivating. Instead of pre ordering him, I decided to wait for him to arrive at retail here in my area. I vastly prefer buying a toy in a physical store. Not for any crazy reasons, I just don't get that same joy from waiting for a toy to show up in the mail that I do upon seeing it sitting there on the shelf. Not to mention my recent bad luck with pre orders (though Groove did come in a month early).

I'm still getting likes for this picture on Facebook.

So after buying him Friday morning, I finally got the time to open him up and just live in this toys majesty. Man, I spent a good few hours just looking at him stand on my TV stand. He's freaking awesome.

He could totally kick your ass.

PMOP is a heavy retool/reshell of the Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus mold. He shares the transformation scheme and a few parts. Outside of that, he almost looks like a different engineering job. This isn't really a problem as he can hold his guns better than UM, though the trailer transformation still isn't my favorite thing to do. Probably the worst leftover from UM is the lower legs tend to push against each other, which I can look over, but don't enjoy.

Apex can also fit into the cab, buy hey look at him standing up there like he's Teenwolf

In robot and truck modes, PMOP looks amazing. It's a wonderful update of design I truly love. They incorporated elements of his Apex Armor into his chest, which coincides with his Titanmaster being named Apex, though Apex looks like Hi-Q/Ginrai in robot mode. In head mode, he kinda looks like Orion Pax. That's a super nice touch. The Japanese version is indeed Ginrai and the face of the head looks more traditional. That Titanmaster is allegedly coming out here as a basic Titanmaster toy. I may or may not substitute it for Apex depending on however I feel upon getting it.

His base mode is a base mode. It doesn't look very remotely similar to the original toys base mode, but I can overlook that. The original kinda looked like a playhouse for kids. This one kinda looks like a robot folded up into squares that smaller toys can technically function with, which is 50% of base modes on TF toys that are not city bots. It gets a pass because it can link up with other Titans Return base modes to form a larger city. That and the while PMOP thing gets me all glossy eyed. DON'T YOU TALK BAD ABOUT HIM! I LOVE HIM AND HE LOVES ME.

I kinda feel like I missed a step.

In all I'm very, very, very happy with him. There's a million Optimus Prime toys released a year, but releases of my favorite version of him don't come around very often. When it did happen and also happens to be part of my favorite TF line in a long time, I feel a special kind of high. Sometimes when your a fan of something, you get this special kind of excited for things that can be very hard to describe. That's what releasing a PMOP in TR does for me, but times a 100. Ok, I'm being modest, it's a larger number.

If only I had a tiny Tommy Kennedy to stand on those pegs so Optimus can tell him about the touch.

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