Monday, September 26, 2016

Titans Return Blaster

No way, two can play!

I've been looking forward to getting this toy upon first learning of it last fall. Blaster is one of those special characters that doesn't always get a toy released. So when a really nice one comes along, I'm getting it.

Don't stand so close to the speakers, or you'll get Tinnitus. Then you'll be a Tinnitus Master.

Blaster turns into a boom box for the first time since his original toy. Though since cassettes are no longer a thing, his tapes now turn into media players and Blaster is one of those speaker things you plug your phone into. Though they still insert like a cassette, which isn't exactly how those things work. Though really, it's not a big deal and I appreciate them trying to work that old tape gimmick in.

Hasbro built this city on rock and roll.

Like most large Titans Return toys, Blaster also has a base mode. It's a pretty successful base mode and I like it quite a bit. It almost looks like a stage at a crazy concert. While Blaster doesn't come with any 'tapes', he comes with a non transforming little brick that fits in his tape door that doubles as a cannon for his base mode. Honestly it's his leg parts that transform into speakers and platforms in the base mode that give me the my only gripe with this toy. They're basically boxes that get folded around differently for each mode and it's a bit fiddly. But that's really my only complaint and it's a really small one.


His Titanmaster Twincast actually looks like Blaster in his robot mode, which is a neat feature though I wish he was named Billy instead. Blaster is a wonderful toy and a great example of what's good in Titans Return. When this line eventually ends, I'm going to be super sad.

Ok, let's go help troubled youth breakdance for pocket change.

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  1. Great review Rob! I wanna get this dude he is very cool! -Jesse


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