Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My personal Woodstock

It's hard to believe that this week is the 3 year anniversary of the best damn Transformers convention ever. Charticon was more than your standard fan convention, Charticon was an event that made every attendee family.

I'm not intending to take anything away from other convention organizers. Putting one together is a huge act of work that requires miracles and heart trauma. I've mentioned before how much OTFCC meant to me. I meant it. It's just, the bar was raised in August 2013 in Charlotte, NC.

It's literally the gold standard.

It's kind of hard to pinpoint what made it so special. I'd been to plenty of TF conventions before. It was like everyone involved was bubbling over with how much love and work they put into the weekend and it bled out onto all the attendees. Almost all of us at RFC made it and we spent the weekend having the time of our lives. My wife, who normally humor's these things, still calls back to it fondly.

We kind of had a follow up with TFCON Charlotte in 2015, and myself and others hoped it would signal the start of regular shows in the area. But a sadly, that wasn't the case. Charticon was a one time deal that's left it's fans wanting more ever since.

I promised them a tolberone if they brought it back and forgot to bring it at TFCON Charlotte.

It might be my fault we haven't had another.

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