I had a cherry slushy

Setting the standard for future imagery.

It's super hard to believe that this week marks the 30th anniversary of Transformers the movie. Of course I'm 38 and the movie came out when I was in the 3rd grade. I still remember it pretty fondly, opening weekend, early Saturday afternoon. There we were. My mother took my older brother and I to see it.

We were super stoked, I got a large cherry slushy and just sipped it and watched wide eyed. It was amazing.

Like a rainbow in the dark

There was this kid that rode the same bus as we did to school that always had a Transformers toy with him, he was there. He had been there all day and seen every showing (lucky). Sometimes I wonder as an adult fan if I know him now. I don't remember his name, he most likely remembers my brother over me (they were in the same class). It'd be pretty funny if we've ran into each other online or at a con, and had no clue we saw the movie together back then.

TFTM was pretty much the most hardcore thing my entire childhood. No other cartoon move tie in ever featured the characters getting blown to bits to introduce new characters. Then there's Unicron, literally the most metal thing ever. Giant robot space Satan who eats planets. Even if someone doesn't like Transformers, they think Unicron is amazing.

Matrix Forever 

In college, I had blue t shirt with the classic movie poster printed on it. That bad boy and a zip up hoodie was pretty much what you could expect to see me in whenever I went anywhere. My Airwalks squeaking along as walked, making sure the hoodie was unzipped just enough to show that awesome art. I remember a stop at Dunkin Donuts with some friends ended up with my toasted bagel with cream cheese and vanilla frozen coffee was free because the clerk *really* liked it. I still have it, but decades of wear and washing have drawn it up some in size. Not to mention that weird bleaching deodorant can do to the underarms of t shirts is pretty unavoidable. It sits with some other older t shirts I wore with that same hoodie combo in my Transformers/computer room.

I guess this post doesn't really do much more than give me an excuse to post some memories. TFTM is in that same category as Star Wars for me. Certain movies and shows helped shape who I am. I can't always say that's been a high point for others, but for me, it's a point of pride. I'm happy with who I am, and can't imagine why I'd want to be anyone else.


  1. It was the first movie I cried over. I gladly and freely admit that. :) (I watched it alone at home because my parents didn't get Transformers and at the time I didn't have friends who cared.)
    A suggestion for your shirts...have a quilt made out of them. I have a friend who does this with her grandkid's shirts and they turn out beautiful, and you can then display it. :D

    1. My mother made a similar suggestion and I might eventually do it. Part of me hopes for a solution so I can proudly wear my BotCon Europe 02 shirt again. I think that was my favorite.

    2. My mother made a similar suggestion and I might eventually do it. Part of me hopes for a solution so I can proudly wear my BotCon Europe 02 shirt again. I think that was my favorite.

    3. A way to wear the shirts again is to cut out the image and sew it onto a new blank t-shirt. Depending on if you like that faux-Punk look, it could work.

      Then, just hand wash and air dry them so they last longer, or at least use the delicate cycle.

      Another idea is to find the image online, print it out, and check to see if an screen printing place will put it on a t-shirt for you.


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