Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Space Knights

Yesterday, the new logo and title for the new Transformers live action movie was released on various social media with a short video clip. 

Personally, I like it.

This new logo is very retro space age looking. It looks like Rom, it looks like Micronauts, it looks like a space opera, it looks fun. The movie logos tend to reflect the TF logo on all products for years after, and this is a logo I wouldn't mind seeing for years.

The sub title, is also missing the 'of' every TF sequel has had. Which I'm happy about, because everything within the last few years has been 'something of something'. It's nice to see a fresher approach. Not to mention, 'The Last Knight' sounds very fantastic. Just look at that logo with that title. This screams space opera battle. 

I was a fan of the knight theming that was given to the robots in TF4, so to see it continuing is a good thing. I like the silly notion of space knight robots that turn into sedans. Unfortunately the last movie was an incoherent mess, so I really hope the theming is more worked out. It's not hard to imagine as to why I'd want this to be a better movie. That last movie was really hard to sit through and I want to have the fun I had with TF3 all over again. 

I have a theory, that given the track record, odd numbered Transformers movies are the better movies. So hopefully my theory is right and the odds work out in TF5's favor. I mean, just look at that freaking logo. How can anything not super fun come from that logo?

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