Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Phoebe Spengler w/ Bonesy [Fright Features/Frozen Empire]

Rounding out the Fright Features figures from Frozen Empire is Phoebe Spengler, arguably the main character of the new movies. Phoebe is a little older in Frozen Empire and her Fright Feature uses the larger body mold and a new head sculpt instead of reusing her Afterlife figure. She still has the same amount of articulation and Neutrona Wand/Proton pack we're all used to by now. Her ghostly partner to hunt, Bonesy, is a real standout. Bonesy is a Class III. Distinct Human Form, meaning he's a straight up traditional scary ghost. A skeletal ghoul with big bugged out eyes in a very pleasant blue color with the Ecto-Stretch Tech gimmick allowing him to be squished and squeezed all over the place.

He's probably my favorite ghost from this group of Fright Features toys. I really wish the other characters from the movie would get new Fright Features figures as I really do enjoy the line. It's got a solid modern take on the classic Real Ghostbusters figures and everything just hits the right notes. Hopefully the upcoming animated series will be cause for some down the line.

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