Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Trevor Spengler with Slimer (Frozen Empire/Fright Features)

The newer Ghostbusters films intentionally have the flavor of The Real Ghostbusters (with a healthy dose of original movie love) with the newest film, Frozen Empire, made specifically to feel like an episode of the classic cartoon. It's only fitting that Hasbro named their tie in toy line Fright Features as a callback to the Kenner Ghostbusters toys based on that same show. Unlike the original Fright Features, these newer figures themselves don't contain a gimmick. Their partner ghosts, however, do. Frozen Empire's Fright Features ghost gimmick is Ecto-Stretch Tech.

This makes the ghost a rubbery, stretchy little ghoul that's fun to play with and can also be stretched over the figure's head simulating being slimed, possessed, or other ghostly interactions. The figures themselves are basic 'core' style action figures that come with a standard proton pack. Trevor returns from Afterlife a little older, but still the teenage grandson of Egon Spengler. From what I can tell, Trevor seems to be a straight reprint of the Afterlife figure paired with a Ecto-Stretch Tech Slimer. Like the prior Hasbro Fight Features figures, Tevor is 4" with five points of articulation. Obviously a fairly basic toy, but considering all you get in the box for $9... not bad. Not to mention, the stylized sculpting paired with the basic articulation gives it a strong Kenner flavor. It works. Trevor includes the same Proton Pack used in the Afterlife Fright Features toys.

It's a decent version of the weapon with the Pack attaching firmly via a per and the Neutrona Wand that can either mount on the pack or be held. Slimer is pleasantly sculpted to match his movie appearance. The Ecto-Stretc Tech ghosts are actually quite scary compared to their human counterparts. That's pretty neat, I would have understood them being more cartoony. Slimer is very rubbery and can be squished and stretched. He's also hollow and thanks to an opening on his back, can fit over Trevor's head and be stretched over. It's a silly gimmick that's fun to fiddle with. I feel like this is a fun way to 'slime' the figure without making a mess. I'm excited to see Frozen Empire and Trevor is a fun start to a new series of Fright Features figures. There's a new vintage series of the classic Real Ghostbuster toys running along side these for additional Ghostbusting. Looks like we have a fun Spooky Spring in store for us Zone Base readers!

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