Thursday, February 1, 2024

Bios: Courageous/Grungy

Earth trembles under the shocking force of GoBotron's newest surprises: Power Warriors!

Guardian Power Warrior, Courageous, assembles with Leader-1 commanding inside the armored chest, while four top Guardian soldiers enter each protective Power Suit. The friendly GoBots immediately begin their enemy location search using Power Suits' information gathering skills: telescopic sight, keen hearing, super-sense touch, and smart smell.

However, the menacing form of Power Warrior, Grungy, looms evilly in the distance, with Cy-Kill encased in his armored chest. Four Renegade henchmen work inside Grungy's Power Suits, using the spy-sight, eavesdrop hearing, razor sharp touch, and tracking smell to locate their foes.

The fight goes on as each side looks for the weak point that will mean the other's defeat. Power Warriors may be the ones to finish the battle but the question remains - who will be the winner?

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