Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Leviathan (BB-14RT)

Leviathan is a really cool entry in the BeastBox ranks. Instead of the usual robotic animal that transforms into a box, you've got a robotic vehicle that turns into a box. In the past when I've talked about BeastBox toys I've often compared them to Zoids. This just might be the most Zoid like of all the ones I have (quite a few at this point). Leviathan is a robotic whale submarine at a seemingly miniature scale.

It comes with a mini Jojo pilot and some tiny companions. Sting ray and a fish submarines can connect to Leviathan or swim along side in a undersea adventure. Personally, I find it impossible to not like this toy. It just so cool! The blue colors are so pretty and the whole concept is awesome. I haven't swapped the mini Jojo pilot out with any other Inchman style figure, but I'd wager two similar sized figures could fit in the cockpit.  Leviathan transforms very easy compared to other BeastBox toys. It fold up quite nicely and fits into the box charger without any trouble. There's even room to stick it's little friends in as well. I could see Leviathan fitting in nicely with Diaclone or other small scale science fiction toys. It's a really cool release and a fun toy overall.

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